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1 /*
2  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
3  *
4  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
5  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
6  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
7  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
8  *
9  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
13  *
14  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
15  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
16  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
17  */
19 #include <mfx/mfxvideo.h>
20 #include <stdlib.h>
22 #include "libavutil/dict.h"
23 #include "libavutil/hwcontext.h"
25 #include "libavutil/mem.h"
26 #include "libavutil/opt.h"
27 #include "libavcodec/qsv.h"
29 #include "ffmpeg.h"
32 char *qsv_device = NULL;
35 {
36  InputStream *ist = s->opaque;
38  return av_hwframe_get_buffer(ist->hw_frames_ctx, frame, 0);
39 }
42 {
43  InputStream *ist = s->opaque;
45 }
48 {
49  int err;
50  AVDictionary *dict = NULL;
52  if (qsv_device) {
53  err = av_dict_set(&dict, "child_device", qsv_device, 0);
54  if (err < 0)
55  return err;
56  }
58  err = av_hwdevice_ctx_create(&hw_device_ctx, AV_HWDEVICE_TYPE_QSV,
59  ist->hwaccel_device, dict, 0);
60  if (err < 0) {
61  av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "Error creating a QSV device\n");
62  goto err_out;
63  }
65 err_out:
66  if (dict)
67  av_dict_free(&dict);
69  return err;
70 }
73 {
74  InputStream *ist = s->opaque;
75  AVHWFramesContext *frames_ctx;
76  AVQSVFramesContext *frames_hwctx;
77  int ret;
79  if (!hw_device_ctx) {
80  ret = qsv_device_init(ist);
81  if (ret < 0)
82  return ret;
83  }
86  ist->hw_frames_ctx = av_hwframe_ctx_alloc(hw_device_ctx);
87  if (!ist->hw_frames_ctx)
88  return AVERROR(ENOMEM);
90  frames_ctx = (AVHWFramesContext*)ist->hw_frames_ctx->data;
91  frames_hwctx = frames_ctx->hwctx;
93  frames_ctx->width = FFALIGN(s->coded_width, 32);
94  frames_ctx->height = FFALIGN(s->coded_height, 32);
95  frames_ctx->format = AV_PIX_FMT_QSV;
96  frames_ctx->sw_format = s->sw_pix_fmt;
97  frames_ctx->initial_pool_size = 64 + s->extra_hw_frames;
98  frames_hwctx->frame_type = MFX_MEMTYPE_VIDEO_MEMORY_DECODER_TARGET;
101  if (ret < 0) {
102  av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "Error initializing a QSV frame pool\n");
103  return ret;
104  }
107  ist->hwaccel_uninit = qsv_uninit;
109  return 0;
110 }
#define NULL
Definition: coverity.c:32
static AVBufferRef * hw_device_ctx
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:31
void av_buffer_unref(AVBufferRef **buf)
Free a given reference and automatically free the buffer if there are no more references to it...
Definition: buffer.c:125
char * qsv_device
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:32
This structure describes decoded (raw) audio or video data.
Definition: frame.h:318
AVBufferRef * hw_frames_ctx
Definition: ffmpeg.h:383
static void qsv_uninit(AVCodecContext *s)
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:41
int coded_width
Bitstream width / height, may be different from width/height e.g.
Definition: avcodec.h:724
int frame_type
A combination of MFX_MEMTYPE_* describing the frame pool.
Definition: hwcontext_qsv.h:49
Memory handling functions.
This struct is allocated as AVHWFramesContext.hwctx.
Definition: hwcontext_qsv.h:42
int width
The allocated dimensions of the frames in this pool.
Definition: hwcontext.h:229
void(* hwaccel_uninit)(AVCodecContext *s)
Definition: ffmpeg.h:378
enum AVPixelFormat format
The pixel format identifying the underlying HW surface type.
Definition: hwcontext.h:209
Public dictionary API.
int av_hwdevice_ctx_create(AVBufferRef **pdevice_ref, enum AVHWDeviceType type, const char *device, AVDictionary *opts, int flags)
Open a device of the specified type and create an AVHWDeviceContext for it.
Definition: hwcontext.c:610
#define FFALIGN(x, a)
Definition: macros.h:48
#define av_log(a,...)
#define AV_LOG_ERROR
Something went wrong and cannot losslessly be recovered.
Definition: log.h:194
void av_dict_free(AVDictionary **pm)
Free all the memory allocated for an AVDictionary struct and all keys and values. ...
Definition: dict.c:203
int av_hwframe_ctx_init(AVBufferRef *ref)
Finalize the context before use.
Definition: hwcontext.c:333
int av_hwframe_get_buffer(AVBufferRef *hwframe_ref, AVFrame *frame, int flags)
Allocate a new frame attached to the given AVHWFramesContext.
Definition: hwcontext.c:502
static int qsv_device_init(InputStream *ist)
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:47
int initial_pool_size
Initial size of the frame pool.
Definition: hwcontext.h:199
int qsv_init(AVCodecContext *s)
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:72
these buffered frames must be flushed immediately if a new input produces new the filter must not call request_frame to get more It must just process the frame or queue it The task of requesting more frames is left to the filter s request_frame method or the application If a filter has several the filter must be ready for frames arriving randomly on any input any filter with several inputs will most likely require some kind of queuing mechanism It is perfectly acceptable to have a limited queue and to drop frames when the inputs are too unbalanced request_frame For filters that do not use the this method is called when a frame is wanted on an output For a it should directly call filter_frame on the corresponding output For a if there are queued frames already one of these frames should be pushed If the filter should request a frame on one of its repeatedly until at least one frame has been pushed Return or at least make progress towards producing a frame
#define s(width, name)
Definition: cbs_vp9.c:257
static int qsv_get_buffer(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame, int flags)
Definition: ffmpeg_qsv.c:34
main external API structure.
Definition: avcodec.h:536
uint8_t * data
The data buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:92
void * hwctx
The format-specific data, allocated and freed automatically along with this context.
Definition: hwcontext.h:162
int av_dict_set(AVDictionary **pm, const char *key, const char *value, int flags)
Set the given entry in *pm, overwriting an existing entry.
Definition: dict.c:70
int coded_height
Definition: avcodec.h:724
This struct describes a set or pool of "hardware" frames (i.e.
Definition: hwcontext.h:124
HW acceleration through QSV, data[3] contains a pointer to the mfxFrameSurface1 structure.
Definition: pixfmt.h:222
int(* hwaccel_get_buffer)(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame, int flags)
Definition: ffmpeg.h:379
#define flags(name, subs,...)
Definition: cbs_av1.c:561
A reference to a data buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:84
int extra_hw_frames
Definition: avcodec.h:2320
AVBufferRef * av_hwframe_ctx_alloc(AVBufferRef *device_ref_in)
Allocate an AVHWFramesContext tied to a given device context.
Definition: hwcontext.c:247
char * hwaccel_device
Definition: ffmpeg.h:373
fg inputs[0] ist
An API-specific header for AV_HWDEVICE_TYPE_QSV.
Filter the word “frame” indicates either a video frame or a group of audio as stored in an AVFrame structure Format for each input and each output the list of supported formats For video that means pixel format For audio that means channel sample they are references to shared objects When the negotiation mechanism computes the intersection of the formats supported at each end of a all references to both lists are replaced with a reference to the intersection And when a single format is eventually chosen for a link amongst the remaining all references to the list are updated That means that if a filter requires that its input and output have the same format amongst a supported all it has to do is use a reference to the same list of formats query_formats can leave some formats unset and return AVERROR(EAGAIN) to cause the negotiation mechanism toagain later.That can be used by filters with complex requirements to use the format negotiated on one link to set the formats supported on another.Frame references ownership and permissions
enum AVPixelFormat sw_format
The pixel format identifying the actual data layout of the hardware frames.
Definition: hwcontext.h:222
enum AVPixelFormat sw_pix_fmt
Nominal unaccelerated pixel format, see AV_PIX_FMT_xxx.
Definition: avcodec.h:2078
void * opaque
Private data of the user, can be used to carry app specific stuff.
Definition: avcodec.h:578