Data Fields
AVFilterContext Struct Reference

An instance of a filter. More...

#include <avfilter.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassav_class
 needed for av_log() and filters common options More...
const AVFilterfilter
 the AVFilter of which this is an instance More...
char * name
 name of this filter instance More...
 array of input pads More...
AVFilterLink ** inputs
 array of pointers to input links More...
unsigned nb_inputs
 number of input pads More...
 array of output pads More...
AVFilterLink ** outputs
 array of pointers to output links More...
unsigned nb_outputs
 number of output pads More...
void * priv
 private data for use by the filter More...
struct AVFilterGraphgraph
 filtergraph this filter belongs to More...
int thread_type
 Type of multithreading being allowed/used. More...
 An opaque struct for libavfilter internal use. More...
struct AVFilterCommandcommand_queue
char * enable_str
 enable expression string More...
void * enable
 parsed expression (AVExpr*) More...
 variable values for the enable expression More...
int is_disabled
 the enabled state from the last expression evaluation More...
 For filters which will create hardware frames, sets the device the filter should create them in. More...
int nb_threads
 Max number of threads allowed in this filter instance. More...
unsigned ready
 Ready status of the filter. More...
int extra_hw_frames
 Sets the number of extra hardware frames which the filter will allocate on its output links for use in following filters or by the caller. More...

Detailed Description

An instance of a filter.

filter_audio.c, filtering_audio.c, filtering_video.c, and transcoding.c.

Definition at line 415 of file avfilter.h.

Field Documentation

◆ av_class

const AVClass* AVFilterContext::av_class

needed for av_log() and filters common options

Definition at line 416 of file avfilter.h.

◆ filter

const AVFilter* AVFilterContext::filter

◆ name

char* AVFilterContext::name

◆ input_pads

AVFilterPad* AVFilterContext::input_pads

◆ inputs

AVFilterLink** AVFilterContext::inputs

◆ nb_inputs

unsigned AVFilterContext::nb_inputs

number of input pads

Definition at line 424 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by avfilter_link(), ff_qsvvpp_create(), and link_filter_inouts().

◆ output_pads

AVFilterPad* AVFilterContext::output_pads

array of output pads

Definition at line 426 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by init_complex_filtergraph().

◆ outputs

AVFilterLink** AVFilterContext::outputs

◆ nb_outputs

unsigned AVFilterContext::nb_outputs

number of output pads

Definition at line 428 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_framesync_init(), and link_filter_inouts().

◆ priv

void* AVFilterContext::priv

private data for use by the filter

Definition at line 430 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by activate(), addroi_config_input(), addroi_filter_frame(), addroi_init(), addroi_uninit(), av_buffersrc_get_nb_failed_requests(), avgblur_opencl_filter_frame(), avgblur_opencl_init(), avgblur_opencl_uninit(), avgblur_vulkan_uninit(), blend_frame(), cas_slice16(), cas_slice8(), chromaber_vulkan_uninit(), colorkey_opencl_init(), colorkey_opencl_uninit(), config_input(), config_output(), config_params(), config_props(), config_props_output(), convolution_opencl_filter_frame(), convolution_opencl_init(), convolution_opencl_make_filter_params(), convolution_opencl_uninit(), create_d3d11_pointer_tex(), ddagrab_config_props(), ddagrab_init(), ddagrab_request_frame(), ddagrab_uninit(), deint_vaapi_build_filter_params(), deint_vaapi_config_output(), deint_vaapi_filter_frame(), deint_vaapi_init(), deint_vaapi_pipeline_uninit(), deint_vaapi_request_frame(), denoise_vaapi_build_filter_params(), denoise_vaapi_init(), deshake_opencl_init(), deshake_opencl_uninit(), dnn_classify_flush_frame(), dnn_detect_flush_frame(), do_backgroundkey16_slice(), do_backgroundkey_slice(), do_chromahold16_slice(), do_chromahold_slice(), do_chromakey16_slice(), do_chromakey_slice(), do_hsvhold16_slice(), do_hsvhold_slice(), do_hsvkey16_slice(), do_hsvkey_slice(), draw_mouse_pointer(), eval_expr(), ff_opencl_filter_config_input(), ff_opencl_filter_config_output(), ff_opencl_filter_init(), ff_opencl_filter_load_program(), ff_opencl_filter_uninit(), ff_vaapi_vpp_config_input(), ff_vaapi_vpp_config_output(), ff_vaapi_vpp_ctx_init(), ff_vaapi_vpp_ctx_uninit(), ff_vaapi_vpp_init_params(), ff_vaapi_vpp_make_param_buffers(), ff_vaapi_vpp_pipeline_uninit(), ff_vaapi_vpp_render_picture(), ff_vk_filter_config_input(), ff_vk_filter_config_output(), ff_vk_filter_config_output_inplace(), ff_vk_filter_init(), filter_callback(), filter_frame(), flip_vulkan_uninit(), flush_frame(), gblur_vulkan_uninit(), hwdownload_config_input(), hwdownload_config_output(), hwdownload_filter_frame(), hwdownload_uninit(), hwmap_config_output(), hwmap_filter_frame(), hwmap_get_buffer(), hwmap_uninit(), hwupload_config_output(), hwupload_filter_frame(), hwupload_query_formats(), hwupload_uninit(), iccdetect_filter_frame(), iccdetect_init(), iccdetect_uninit(), iccgen_filter_frame(), iccgen_init(), iccgen_uninit(), init(), init_dxgi_dda(), init_filter(), init_hwframes_ctx(), init_render_resources(), init_src(), init_vulkan(), launch_kernel(), libplacebo_config_input(), libplacebo_config_output(), libplacebo_init(), libplacebo_uninit(), misc_vaapi_filter_frame(), neighbor_opencl_filter_frame(), neighbor_opencl_init(), neighbor_opencl_make_filter_params(), neighbor_opencl_uninit(), next_frame_internal(), nlmeans_opencl_filter_frame(), nlmeans_opencl_init(), nlmeans_opencl_uninit(), nlmeans_plane(), opencl_filter_set_device(), overlay_cuda_activate(), overlay_cuda_blend(), overlay_cuda_config_output(), overlay_cuda_init(), overlay_cuda_uninit(), overlay_opencl_activate(), overlay_opencl_blend(), overlay_opencl_config_output(), overlay_opencl_init(), overlay_opencl_load(), overlay_opencl_uninit(), overlay_vaapi_activate(), overlay_vaapi_blend(), overlay_vaapi_build_filter_params(), overlay_vaapi_config_input_main(), overlay_vaapi_config_input_overlay(), overlay_vaapi_config_output(), overlay_vaapi_init(), overlay_vaapi_render_picture(), overlay_vaapi_uninit(), overlay_vulkan_activate(), overlay_vulkan_config_output(), overlay_vulkan_init(), overlay_vulkan_uninit(), pad_opencl_config_output(), pad_opencl_init(), pad_opencl_uninit(), parse_shader(), probe_output_format(), procamp_vaapi_build_filter_params(), procamp_vaapi_filter_frame(), procamp_vaapi_init(), process_frames(), program_opencl_activate(), program_opencl_config_output(), program_opencl_filter(), program_opencl_init(), program_opencl_load(), program_opencl_run(), program_opencl_uninit(), push_frame(), queue_frame(), remap_opencl_load(), remap_opencl_process_frame(), remap_opencl_uninit(), request_frame(), scale_vaapi_config_output(), scale_vaapi_filter_frame(), scale_vaapi_init(), scale_vulkan_config_output(), scale_vulkan_uninit(), sharpness_vaapi_build_filter_params(), sharpness_vaapi_init(), source_request_frame(), tonemap_opencl_config_output(), tonemap_opencl_filter_frame(), tonemap_opencl_init(), tonemap_opencl_uninit(), tonemap_vaapi_build_filter_params(), tonemap_vaapi_filter_frame(), tonemap_vaapi_init(), tonemap_vaapi_save_metadata(), tonemap_vaapi_set_filter_params(), transpose_opencl_config_output(), transpose_opencl_filter_frame(), transpose_opencl_init(), transpose_opencl_uninit(), transpose_vaapi_build_filter_params(), transpose_vaapi_filter_frame(), transpose_vaapi_init(), transpose_vaapi_vpp_config_output(), transpose_vulkan_uninit(), uninit(), unsharp_opencl_filter_frame(), unsharp_opencl_init(), unsharp_opencl_make_filter_params(), unsharp_opencl_uninit(), update_mouse_pointer(), vaapi_vpp_colour_properties(), vibrance_slice16(), vibrance_slice16p(), vibrance_slice8(), vibrance_slice8p(), vulkan_filter_set_device(), vulkan_filter_set_frames(), xfade_frame(), xfade_opencl_activate(), xfade_opencl_config_output(), xfade_opencl_load(), and xfade_opencl_uninit().

◆ graph

struct AVFilterGraph* AVFilterContext::graph

filtergraph this filter belongs to

Definition at line 432 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by avfilter_link().

◆ thread_type

int AVFilterContext::thread_type

Type of multithreading being allowed/used.

A combination of AVFILTER_THREAD_* flags.

May be set by the caller before initializing the filter to forbid some or all kinds of multithreading for this filter. The default is allowing everything.

When the filter is initialized, this field is combined using bit AND with AVFilterGraph.thread_type to get the final mask used for determining allowed threading types. I.e. a threading type needs to be set in both to be allowed.

After the filter is initialized, libavfilter sets this field to the threading type that is actually used (0 for no multithreading).

Definition at line 450 of file avfilter.h.

◆ internal

AVFilterInternal* AVFilterContext::internal

An opaque struct for libavfilter internal use.

Definition at line 455 of file avfilter.h.

◆ command_queue

struct AVFilterCommand* AVFilterContext::command_queue

Definition at line 457 of file avfilter.h.

◆ enable_str

char* AVFilterContext::enable_str

enable expression string

Definition at line 459 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_inlink_evaluate_timeline_at_frame().

◆ enable

void* AVFilterContext::enable

parsed expression (AVExpr*)

Definition at line 460 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_inlink_evaluate_timeline_at_frame().

◆ var_values

double* AVFilterContext::var_values

variable values for the enable expression

Definition at line 461 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_inlink_evaluate_timeline_at_frame().

◆ is_disabled

int AVFilterContext::is_disabled

the enabled state from the last expression evaluation

Definition at line 462 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_filter_frame_framed().

◆ hw_device_ctx

AVBufferRef* AVFilterContext::hw_device_ctx

For filters which will create hardware frames, sets the device the filter should create them in.

All other filters will ignore this field: in particular, a filter which consumes or processes hardware frames will instead use the hw_frames_ctx field in AVFilterLink to carry the hardware context information.

Definition at line 471 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ddagrab_config_props(), ff_opencl_filter_config_output(), ff_vk_filter_config_output(), ff_vk_filter_config_output_inplace(), hw_device_setup_for_filter(), hwmap_config_output(), hwupload_query_formats(), init_vpp_session(), and init_vulkan().

◆ nb_threads

int AVFilterContext::nb_threads

Max number of threads allowed in this filter instance.

If <= 0, its value is ignored. Overrides global number of threads set per filter graph.

Definition at line 478 of file avfilter.h.

◆ ready

unsigned AVFilterContext::ready

Ready status of the filter.

A non-0 value means that the filter needs activating; a higher value suggests a more urgent activation.

Definition at line 485 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_filter_graph_run_once().

◆ extra_hw_frames

int AVFilterContext::extra_hw_frames

Sets the number of extra hardware frames which the filter will allocate on its output links for use in following filters or by the caller.

Some hardware filters require all frames that they will use for output to be defined in advance before filtering starts. For such filters, any hardware frame pools used for output must therefore be of fixed size. The extra frames set here are on top of any number that the filter needs internally in order to operate normally.

This field must be set before the graph containing this filter is configured.

Definition at line 501 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by ff_filter_init_hw_frames(), hwmap_config_output(), hwupload_config_output(), and init_vpp_session().

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