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Types and functions for working with AVPacket. More...

Data Structures

struct  AVPacket
 This structure stores compressed data. More...


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY   0x0001
 The packet contains a keyframe. More...
#define AV_PKT_FLAG_CORRUPT   0x0002
 The packet content is corrupted. More...
#define AV_PKT_FLAG_DISCARD   0x0004
 Flag is used to discard packets which are required to maintain valid decoder state but are not required for output and should be dropped after decoding. More...
#define AV_PKT_FLAG_TRUSTED   0x0008
 The packet comes from a trusted source. More...
#define AV_PKT_FLAG_DISPOSABLE   0x0010
 Flag is used to indicate packets that contain frames that can be discarded by the decoder. More...




AVPacketav_packet_alloc (void)
 Allocate an AVPacket and set its fields to default values. More...
AVPacketav_packet_clone (const AVPacket *src)
 Create a new packet that references the same data as src. More...
void av_packet_free (AVPacket **pkt)
 Free the packet, if the packet is reference counted, it will be unreferenced first. More...
int av_new_packet (AVPacket *pkt, int size)
 Allocate the payload of a packet and initialize its fields with default values. More...
void av_shrink_packet (AVPacket *pkt, int size)
 Reduce packet size, correctly zeroing padding. More...
int av_grow_packet (AVPacket *pkt, int grow_by)
 Increase packet size, correctly zeroing padding. More...
int av_packet_from_data (AVPacket *pkt, uint8_t *data, int size)
 Initialize a reference-counted packet from av_malloc()ed data. More...
uint8_t * av_packet_new_side_data (AVPacket *pkt, enum AVPacketSideDataType type, size_t size)
 Allocate new information of a packet. More...
int av_packet_add_side_data (AVPacket *pkt, enum AVPacketSideDataType type, uint8_t *data, size_t size)
 Wrap an existing array as a packet side data. More...
int av_packet_shrink_side_data (AVPacket *pkt, enum AVPacketSideDataType type, size_t size)
 Shrink the already allocated side data buffer. More...
uint8_t * av_packet_get_side_data (const AVPacket *pkt, enum AVPacketSideDataType type, size_t *size)
 Get side information from packet. More...
uint8_t * av_packet_pack_dictionary (AVDictionary *dict, size_t *size)
 Pack a dictionary for use in side_data. More...
int av_packet_unpack_dictionary (const uint8_t *data, size_t size, AVDictionary **dict)
 Unpack a dictionary from side_data. More...
void av_packet_free_side_data (AVPacket *pkt)
 Convenience function to free all the side data stored. More...
int av_packet_ref (AVPacket *dst, const AVPacket *src)
 Setup a new reference to the data described by a given packet. More...
void av_packet_unref (AVPacket *pkt)
 Wipe the packet. More...
void av_packet_move_ref (AVPacket *dst, AVPacket *src)
 Move every field in src to dst and reset src. More...
int av_packet_copy_props (AVPacket *dst, const AVPacket *src)
 Copy only "properties" fields from src to dst. More...
int av_packet_make_refcounted (AVPacket *pkt)
 Ensure the data described by a given packet is reference counted. More...
int av_packet_make_writable (AVPacket *pkt)
 Create a writable reference for the data described by a given packet, avoiding data copy if possible. More...
void av_packet_rescale_ts (AVPacket *pkt, AVRational tb_src, AVRational tb_dst)
 Convert valid timing fields (timestamps / durations) in a packet from one timebase to another. More...

Detailed Description

Types and functions for working with AVPacket.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY   0x0001

The packet contains a keyframe.

Definition at line 579 of file packet.h.


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_CORRUPT   0x0002

The packet content is corrupted.

Definition at line 580 of file packet.h.


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_DISCARD   0x0004

Flag is used to discard packets which are required to maintain valid decoder state but are not required for output and should be dropped after decoding.

Definition at line 586 of file packet.h.


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_TRUSTED   0x0008

The packet comes from a trusted source.

Otherwise-unsafe constructs such as arbitrary pointers to data outside the packet may be followed.

Definition at line 593 of file packet.h.


#define AV_PKT_FLAG_DISPOSABLE   0x0010

Flag is used to indicate packets that contain frames that can be discarded by the decoder.

I.e. Non-reference frames.

Definition at line 598 of file packet.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ AVSideDataParamChangeFlags


Definition at line 600 of file packet.h.

Function Documentation

◆ av_packet_alloc()

AVPacket* av_packet_alloc ( void  )

Allocate an AVPacket and set its fields to default values.

The resulting struct must be freed using av_packet_free().

An AVPacket filled with default values or NULL on failure.
this only allocates the AVPacket itself, not the data buffers. Those must be allocated through other means such as av_new_packet.
See also

Definition at line 63 of file packet.c.

Referenced by add_stream(), alloc_packet(), amv_init(), apng_write_packet(), asf_read_stream_properties(), asf_read_timestamp(), av1_frame_merge_init(), av1_frame_split_init(), av_bsf_alloc(), av_packet_clone(), avcodec_open2(), avformat_alloc_context(), bsf_init(), config_input(), config_props(), cri_decode_init(), dec_alloc(), dec_thread_init(), decoder_init(), demux_thread_init(), ds_open(), enc_thread_init(), encode_write(), estimate_best_b_count(), evc_frame_merge_init(), ff_alsa_open(), ff_bsf_get_packet(), ff_decode_preinit(), ff_frame_thread_encoder_init(), ff_reshuffle_raw_rgb(), ff_subtitles_queue_insert(), ff_vaapi_encode_init(), frame_merge_init(), ftr_init(), gif_write_packet(), handle_eac3(), init(), init_filters(), init_packet(), init_thread(), initialize_fifo_tst_muxer_chain(), ist_filter_add(), libdav1d_receive_frame_internal(), libxevd_init(), libxevd_receive_frame(), LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(), main(), mediacodec_generate_extradata(), moflex_read_sync(), mov_init(), movie_common_init(), mpegts_get_dts(), mux_queue_packet(), mux_thread_init(), new_playlist(), ost_add(), packet_queue_put(), qt_rtp_init(), read_gab2_sub(), read_interval_packets(), read_thread(), rtp_mpegts_write_header(), run_test(), sch_add_demux(), sch_add_enc(), sch_mux_sub_heartbeat_add(), seek_test(), setts_init(), setup_sync_queues(), tdsc_init(), tiff_init(), transcode_subtitles(), video_decode(), video_decode_example(), vp9_superframe_init(), vp9_superframe_split_init(), wc3_read_header(), webp_decode_init(), and xvid_encode_init().

◆ av_packet_clone()

AVPacket* av_packet_clone ( const AVPacket src)

Create a new packet that references the same data as src.

This is a shortcut for av_packet_alloc()+av_packet_ref().

newly created AVPacket on success, NULL on error.
See also

Definition at line 471 of file packet.c.

Referenced by decklink_write_video_packet(), flac_write_packet(), and main().

◆ av_packet_free()

void av_packet_free ( AVPacket **  pkt)

Free the packet, if the packet is reference counted, it will be unreferenced first.

pktpacket to be freed. The pointer will be set to NULL.
passing NULL is a no-op.

Definition at line 74 of file packet.c.

Referenced by amv_deinit(), apng_deinit(), asf_read_close(), asf_read_timestamp(), av1_frame_merge_close(), av1_frame_split_close(), av_bsf_free(), av_packet_clone(), avformat_free_context(), avi_read_close(), avi_write_packet(), close_stream(), cri_decode_close(), dec_free(), dec_thread_uninit(), decklink_write_video_packet(), decode_audio_frame(), decoder_destroy(), demux_thread_uninit(), drop_dups(), ds_free(), dts2pts_filter(), dts2pts_flush(), enc_thread_uninit(), encode_audio_frame(), encode_write(), estimate_best_b_count(), evc_frame_merge_close(), ff_alsa_close(), ff_codec_close(), ff_frame_thread_encoder_free(), ff_frame_thread_free(), ff_reshuffle_raw_rgb(), ff_subtitles_queue_clean(), ff_subtitles_queue_insert(), ff_vaapi_encode_close(), filter(), flac_deinit(), frame_merge_close(), free_packet(), free_playlist_list(), ftr_close(), gif_write_trailer(), h264_filter(), h264_mp4toannexb_filter(), hevc_mp4toannexb_filter(), ifile_close(), imx_dump_header(), libdav1d_receive_frame_internal(), libdav1d_user_data_free(), libxevd_close(), libxevd_receive_frame(), libxevd_return_frame(), LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(), main(), mediacodec_generate_extradata(), mjpeg2jpeg_filter(), mjpega_dump_header(), moflex_read_close(), mov_free(), mov_write_packet(), movie_uninit(), mpegts_get_dts(), mux_task_start(), mux_thread_uninit(), new_playlist(), of_free(), ost_free(), packet_queue_flush(), packet_queue_get(), packet_queue_put(), qt_rtp_close(), read_gab2_sub(), read_interval_packets(), read_thread(), decklink_frame::Release(), rtp_mpegts_write_close(), run_test(), sch_free(), seek_test(), setts_close(), tdsc_close(), text2movsub(), tiff_end(), transcode_subtitles(), uninit(), video_decode(), video_decode_example(), vp9_raw_reorder_filter(), vp9_raw_reorder_frame_free(), vp9_superframe_close(), vp9_superframe_split_uninit(), vvc_mp4toannexb_filter(), wc3_read_close(), webp_decode_close(), and xvid_encode_init().

◆ av_new_packet()

int av_new_packet ( AVPacket pkt,
int  size 

Allocate the payload of a packet and initialize its fields with default values.

sizewanted payload size
0 if OK, AVERROR_xxx otherwise

Definition at line 98 of file packet.c.

Referenced by aac_parse_packet(), ac3_handle_packet(), amr_handle_packet(), amv_init(), ape_read_packet(), asf_parse_packet(), asf_read_replicated_data(), asf_read_single_payload(), audio_read_packet(), avf_read_packet(), avisynth_read_packet_audio(), avisynth_read_packet_video(), avs_read_video_packet(), binka_read_packet(), bmv_read_packet(), callback(), cdxl_read_packet(), cin_read_packet(), create_subcc_packet(), decode_frame(), demux_audio(), demux_video(), do_subtitle_out(), dsf_read_packet(), dss_723_1_read_packet(), dss_sp_read_packet(), dump_extradata(), dxa_read_packet(), encode_frame(), fbdev_read_packet(), ff_h263_handle_packet(), ff_h264_handle_aggregated_packet(), ff_h264_handle_frag_packet(), ff_img_read_packet(), ff_raw_read_partial_packet(), ff_reshuffle_raw_rgb(), ff_rm_retrieve_cache(), ff_spdif_read_packet(), ff_subtitles_queue_insert(), filter(), fourxm_read_packet(), fsb_read_packet(), g723_1_read_packet(), gdigrab_read_packet(), genh_read_packet(), get_eia608_packet(), gif_read_packet(), grab_read_packet(), h264_handle_packet(), h264_mp4toannexb_filter(), hevc_handle_packet(), image_available(), imx_dump_header(), jpegxl_anim_read_packet(), laf_read_packet(), latm_parse_packet(), lavfi_read_packet(), LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(), load_ipmovie_packet(), lxf_read_packet(), main(), merge_superframe(), mjpeg2jpeg_filter(), mjpega_dump_header(), mmap_read_frame(), modplug_read_packet(), mpa_robust_parse_packet(), mpc_read_packet(), mpeg_parse_packet(), mpegts_raw_read_packet(), mxg_read_packet(), nuv_packet(), ogg_read_packet(), pp_bnk_read_packet(), prepare_packet(), pulse_read_packet(), qdm2_restore_block(), qoa_read_packet(), qt_rtp_parse_packet(), read_frame(), read_packet(), read_packet_gme(), read_packet_openmpt(), rechunk_filter(), recode_subtitle(), return_stored_frame(), rm_assemble_video_frame(), rm_read_audio_stream_info(), roq_read_packet(), rsd_read_packet(), rtp_parse_packet_internal(), sbg_read_packet(), sdr2_read_packet(), sds_read_packet(), seq_read_packet(), sga_audio_packet(), sga_video_packet(), siff_read_packet(), smacker_read_packet(), store_packet(), str_read_packet(), supply_new_packets(), swf_read_packet(), text2movsub(), vc2hq_handle_sequence_header(), vc2hq_mark_end_of_sequence(), videostream_cb(), vmd_read_packet(), vp9_raw_reorder_make_output(), vpk_read_packet(), vqf_read_packet(), wsaud_read_packet(), wv_read_packet(), xiph_handle_packet(), and yop_read_packet().

◆ av_shrink_packet()

void av_shrink_packet ( AVPacket pkt,
int  size 

◆ av_grow_packet()

int av_grow_packet ( AVPacket pkt,
int  grow_by 

Increase packet size, correctly zeroing padding.

grow_bynumber of bytes by which to increase the size of the packet

Definition at line 121 of file packet.c.

Referenced by append_au(), append_packet_chunked(), encode_frame(), ff_subtitles_queue_insert(), frame_merge_filter(), ftr_decode_frame(), handle_eac3(), hevc_mp4toannexb_filter(), main(), stream_seek(), stream_skip(), stream_write(), vvc_mp4toannexb_filter(), and wv_read_packet().

◆ av_packet_from_data()

int av_packet_from_data ( AVPacket pkt,
uint8_t *  data,
int  size 

Initialize a reference-counted packet from av_malloc()ed data.

pktpacket to be initialized. This function will set the data, size, and buf fields, all others are left untouched.
dataData allocated by av_malloc() to be used as packet data. If this function returns successfully, the data is owned by the underlying AVBuffer. The caller may not access the data through other means.
sizesize of data in bytes, without the padding. I.e. the full buffer size is assumed to be size + AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE.
0 on success, a negative AVERROR on error

Definition at line 172 of file packet.c.

Referenced by asf_deinterleave(), ff_mov_generate_squashed_ttml_packet(), ff_rtp_finalize_packet(), iec61883_parse_queue_dv(), main(), omx_encode_frame(), qt_rtp_parse_packet(), and rfc4175_finalize_packet().

◆ av_packet_new_side_data()

uint8_t* av_packet_new_side_data ( AVPacket pkt,
enum AVPacketSideDataType  type,
size_t  size 

◆ av_packet_add_side_data()

int av_packet_add_side_data ( AVPacket pkt,
enum AVPacketSideDataType  type,
uint8_t *  data,
size_t  size 

Wrap an existing array as a packet side data.

typeside information type
datathe side data array. It must be allocated with the av_malloc() family of functions. The ownership of the data is transferred to pkt.
sizeside information size
a non-negative number on success, a negative AVERROR code on failure. On failure, the packet is unchanged and the data remains owned by the caller.

Definition at line 197 of file packet.c.

Referenced by aax_read_packet(), add_filename_as_pkt_side_data(), av_packet_new_side_data(), cenc_filter(), concat_read_packet(), extract_extradata_filter(), ff_mpv_encode_picture(), flv_read_packet(), get_metadata(), h264_metadata_handle_display_orientation(), lavfi_read_packet(), ogg_read_packet(), setup_side_data_entry(), and decklink_input_callback::VideoInputFrameArrived().

◆ av_packet_shrink_side_data()

int av_packet_shrink_side_data ( AVPacket pkt,
enum AVPacketSideDataType  type,
size_t  size 

Shrink the already allocated side data buffer.

typeside information type
sizenew side information size
0 on success, < 0 on failure

Definition at line 374 of file packet.c.

Referenced by ff_mpv_encode_picture().

◆ av_packet_get_side_data()

uint8_t* av_packet_get_side_data ( const AVPacket pkt,
enum AVPacketSideDataType  type,
size_t *  size 

◆ av_packet_pack_dictionary()

uint8_t* av_packet_pack_dictionary ( AVDictionary dict,
size_t *  size 

Pack a dictionary for use in side_data.

dictThe dictionary to pack.
sizepointer to store the size of the returned data
pointer to data if successful, NULL otherwise

Definition at line 312 of file packet.c.

Referenced by add_filename_as_pkt_side_data(), concat_read_packet(), lavfi_read_packet(), decklink_input_callback::VideoInputFrameArrived(), and vorbis_update_metadata().

◆ av_packet_unpack_dictionary()

int av_packet_unpack_dictionary ( const uint8_t *  data,
size_t  size,
AVDictionary **  dict 

Unpack a dictionary from side_data.

datadata from side_data
sizesize of the data
dictthe metadata storage dictionary
0 on success, < 0 on failure

Definition at line 347 of file packet.c.

Referenced by add_metadata_from_side_data(), ff_decklink_read_packet(), and show_packet().

◆ av_packet_free_side_data()

void av_packet_free_side_data ( AVPacket pkt)

Convenience function to free all the side data stored.

All the other fields stay untouched.


Definition at line 188 of file packet.c.

Referenced by av_packet_copy_props(), and av_packet_unref().

◆ av_packet_ref()

int av_packet_ref ( AVPacket dst,
const AVPacket src 

Setup a new reference to the data described by a given packet.

If src is reference-counted, setup dst as a new reference to the buffer in src. Otherwise allocate a new buffer in dst and copy the data from src into it.

All the other fields are copied from src.

See also
dstDestination packet. Will be completely overwritten.
srcSource packet
0 on success, a negative AVERROR on error. On error, dst will be blank (as if returned by av_packet_alloc()).

Definition at line 435 of file packet.c.

Referenced by amv_write_packet(), apng_write_packet(), av1_frame_split_filter(), av_packet_clone(), avcodec_send_packet(), avformat_queue_attached_pictures(), demux_send_for_stream(), evc_frame_merge_filter(), extract_extradata(), ff_subtitles_queue_read_packet(), ffat_decode(), fifo_write_packet(), flush_packet(), gif_write_packet(), handle_eac3(), mkv_write_packet(), mov_write_packet(), qsv_decode_frame(), read_thread(), rechunk_filter(), sch_enc_send(), setts_filter(), stream_params_copy(), submit_packet(), tee_write_packet(), vp9_superframe_split_filter(), webp_write_packet(), write_muxed_file(), and write_packet().

◆ av_packet_unref()

void av_packet_unref ( AVPacket pkt)

Wipe the packet.

Unreference the buffer referenced by the packet and reset the remaining packet fields to their default values.

pktThe packet to be unreferenced.

Definition at line 427 of file packet.c.

Referenced by aac_adtstoasc_filter(), activate(), adts_aac_read_packet(), amv_write_packet(), android_camera_read_close(), append_packet_chunked(), asf_deinterleave(), asf_parse_packet(), asf_read_header(), asf_read_pts(), asf_read_timestamp(), asf_reset_header(), asfrtp_parse_packet(), audio_read_packet(), av1_frame_merge_filter(), av1_frame_merge_flush(), av1_frame_split_filter(), av1_frame_split_flush(), av1_receive_frame(), av1_receive_frame_internal(), av_bsf_flush(), av_bsf_send_packet(), av_get_packet(), av_interleaved_write_frame(), av_packet_free(), av_packet_ref(), av_read_frame(), av_write_frame(), av_write_trailer(), avcodec_decode_subtitle2(), avcodec_flush_buffers(), avcodec_receive_packet(), avformat_find_stream_info(), avi_read_packet(), avisynth_read_packet_audio(), avisynth_read_packet_video(), avpriv_packet_list_free(), avs_read_audio_packet(), binkaudio_receive_frame(), bsf_list_filter(), combine_au(), compute_crc_of_packets(), concat_read_packet(), cri_decode_frame(), cuvid_output_frame(), decode_frame(), decode_get_packet(), decode_simple_internal(), decoder_decode_frame(), decoder_thread(), demux_audio(), demux_send(), demux_send_for_stream(), demux_stream_send_to_dst(), dng_decode_jpeg(), do_send(), do_subtitle_out(), ds_run(), dshow_read_close(), dts2pts_filter(), dump_extradata(), dv_error_marker_filter(), ea_read_packet(), eac3_core_filter(), encode(), encode_frame(), encode_receive_packet_internal(), encode_write(), encode_write_frame(), encoder_thread(), estimate_best_b_count(), estimate_timings_from_pts(), evc_frame_merge_filter(), evc_frame_merge_flush(), extract_extradata(), extract_extradata_filter(), extract_packet_props(), ff_add_attached_pic(), ff_cbs_bsf_generic_filter(), ff_decklink_packet_queue_flush(), ff_decklink_packet_queue_put(), ff_decode_flush_buffers(), ff_decode_get_packet(), ff_encode_encode_cb(), ff_free_stream(), ff_get_encode_buffer(), ff_interleave_add_packet(), ff_interleave_packet_per_dts(), ff_load_image(), ff_mov_add_hinted_packet(), ff_qsv_enc_close(), ff_raw_read_partial_packet(), ff_read_packet(), ff_rm_free_rmstream(), ff_rtp_finalize_packet(), ff_v4l2_buffer_buf_to_avpkt(), ffat_close_decoder(), ffat_decode(), ffat_decode_callback(), ffat_decode_flush(), ffmmal_add_packet(), fifo_basic_test(), fifo_overflow_drop_test(), fifo_test_packet(), fifo_thread_recover(), fifo_thread_write_packet(), fifo_write_packet(), filter(), filter_1phase(), filter_frame(), filter_units_filter(), fits_read_packet(), flac_finish_header(), flac_queue_flush(), flac_read_timestamp(), flush(), flush_packet(), flv_read_packet(), fourxm_read_packet(), frame_merge_filter(), frame_merge_flush(), free_message(), free_pkt_fifo(), gif_read_packet(), gif_write_packet(), h264_mp4toannexb_filter(), handle_eac3(), handle_id3(), handle_new_packet(), hapqa_extract(), hevc_mp4toannexb_filter(), hls_read_packet(), hls_read_seek(), iec61883_parse_queue_dv(), image_available(), imx_dump_header(), input_thread(), interleaved_write_packet(), libjxl_receive_frame(), libxevd_receive_frame(), LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(), main(), mediacodec_decode_close(), mediacodec_decode_flush(), mediacodec_receive_frame(), mjpeg2jpeg_filter(), mjpega_dump_header(), mkv_write_packet(), mmap_read_frame(), mov2textsub(), mov_create_chapter_track(), mov_create_timecode_track(), mov_read_packet(), mov_write_squashed_packet(), mov_write_subtitle_end_packet(), mov_write_ttml_document_from_queue(), mp3_queue_flush(), mpa_robust_parse_packet(), mpc_read_seek(), mpeg4_unpack_bframes_filter(), mpegts_get_dts(), mpegts_read_packet(), mpegts_write_packet_internal(), mux_frames(), mux_id3(), mux_packet_filter(), muxer_thread(), mxf_interleave_get_packet(), new_data_packet(), new_pes_packet(), noise(), nsv_read_close(), osq_receive_frame(), packet_queue_put(), parse_packet(), prores_metadata(), pulse_read_packet(), qsv_clear_buffers(), qsv_decode_frame(), qt_rtp_parse_packet(), read_frame_internal(), read_gab2_sub(), read_interval_packets(), read_packet(), read_thread(), rechunk_filter(), recode_subtitle(), reset_packet(), rkmpp_receive_frame(), rm_assemble_video_frame(), rm_read_packet(), rtp_mpegts_write_packet(), run_test(), sch_enc_send(), decklink_output_callback::ScheduledFrameCompleted(), seek_frame_generic(), seek_subtitle(), set_output_frame(), setts_filter(), signal_init_ts(), storeframe(), str_read_close(), str_read_packet(), stream_params_copy(), submit_packet(), tdsc_decode_jpeg_tile(), tee_write_packet(), text2movsub(), trace_headers(), truehd_core_filter(), tta_encode_frame(), tta_queue_flush(), update_context_from_user(), v4l2_m2m_destroy_context(), v4l2_receive_frame(), vfw_read_close(), video_decode(), video_decode_example(), vp8_lossy_decode_frame(), vp9_superframe_filter(), vp9_superframe_flush(), vp9_superframe_split_filter(), vp9_superframe_split_flush(), vtenc_frame(), vvc_mp4toannexb_filter(), vvc_parser_close(), write_muxed_file(), write_packet(), write_packets_from_bsfs(), write_trailer(), xiph_handle_packet(), yop_read_close(), yop_read_packet(), and yop_read_seek().

◆ av_packet_move_ref()

void av_packet_move_ref ( AVPacket dst,
AVPacket src 

◆ av_packet_copy_props()

int av_packet_copy_props ( AVPacket dst,
const AVPacket src 

Copy only "properties" fields from src to dst.

Properties for the purpose of this function are all the fields beside those related to the packet data (buf, data, size)

dstDestination packet
srcSource packet
0 on success AVERROR on failure.

Definition at line 390 of file packet.c.

Referenced by av_packet_ref(), av_write_frame(), dump_extradata(), extract_packet_props(), ff_reshuffle_raw_rgb(), filter(), frame_merge_filter(), h264_mp4toannexb_filter(), hevc_mp4toannexb_filter(), imx_dump_header(), mjpeg2jpeg_filter(), mjpega_dump_header(), rechunk_filter(), recode_subtitle(), sch_mux_sub_heartbeat(), text2movsub(), update_context_from_user(), vp9_superframe_filter(), and vvc_mp4toannexb_filter().

◆ av_packet_make_refcounted()

int av_packet_make_refcounted ( AVPacket pkt)

Ensure the data described by a given packet is reference counted.

This function does not ensure that the reference will be writable. Use av_packet_make_writable instead for that purpose.
See also
pktpacket whose data should be made reference counted.
0 on success, a negative AVERROR on error. On failure, the packet is unchanged.

Definition at line 490 of file packet.c.

Referenced by av_bsf_send_packet(), avpriv_packet_list_put(), ff_decklink_packet_queue_put(), ff_interleave_add_packet(), ff_read_packet(), ffmmal_add_packet(), LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput(), parse_packet(), and prepare_input_packet().

◆ av_packet_make_writable()

int av_packet_make_writable ( AVPacket pkt)

Create a writable reference for the data described by a given packet, avoiding data copy if possible.

pktPacket whose data should be made writable.
0 on success, a negative AVERROR on failure. On failure, the packet is unchanged.

Definition at line 509 of file packet.c.

Referenced by decode_frame(), dv_error_marker_filter(), ftr_decode_frame(), imm5_decode_frame(), mov_write_packet(), mpeg4_unpack_bframes_filter(), noise(), prores_metadata(), and truehd_core_filter().

◆ av_packet_rescale_ts()

void av_packet_rescale_ts ( AVPacket pkt,
AVRational  tb_src,
AVRational  tb_dst 

Convert valid timing fields (timestamps / durations) in a packet from one timebase to another.

Timestamps with unknown values (AV_NOPTS_VALUE) will be ignored.

pktpacket on which the conversion will be performed
tb_srcsource timebase, in which the timing fields in pkt are expressed
tb_dstdestination timebase, to which the timing fields will be converted

Definition at line 531 of file packet.c.

Referenced by demux_send(), encode_write(), encode_write_frame(), ff_write_chained(), fifo_thread_write_packet(), main(), mov_write_ttml_document_from_queue(), mux_fixup_ts(), mux_packet_filter(), rechunk_filter(), tee_write_packet(), write_frame(), and write_packets_from_bsfs().